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Allen keys | Everything you need to know about them

Allen keys | Everything you need to know about them

¿What are allen keys?

Allen keys or also known as hexagonal keys, are a tool used to screw, which we will find very frequently in most tool boxes. These types of wrenches are famous for resisting a greater torque than other types of screws and for this reason we can find them in a wide variety of applications.

It is very easy to distinguish a hexagonal tip from other types of tips and it is that at a quick glance we can see that the head of the screw has a hexagon shape, this will be the case in which we can use an allen-type screwdriver.

Advantages of allen keys

As we have mentioned, allen keys are a tool that is used very frequently and this type of tool has certain advantages over other types of tools that make them stand out.

Allen keys are simple in design with a hexagonal shaped shaft and are small in size and light in weight compared to other types of tools. Obviously there are different sizes of allen keys and those of large sizes, we can say that they are not light at all.

Being a key that is inserted into the screw slot, the contact surface between the screw and the key is important and that is why it can exert a greater tightening torque than other bits or screwdrivers. On the other hand, and thanks to the fact that the key enters completely into the screw, we manage to reduce the deformation that frequently occurs in other types of screws.

By having different presentations of allen keys, they can be easily combined with a bit holder screwdriver.

Being a very simple tool, we can find all kinds of allen key sizes, from the smallest sizes to the largest sizes.


Allen Key types

Normally the allen keys can be found in different types of presentations.

Hex bits:

Hex bits would be the simplest version of allen keys. It basically consists of a tip shaped like a hexagonal head.

L keys:

Allen L keys are the most common option since, thanks to their shape, it is very easy to find complete sets of this type of tool. We will distinguish it from the rest because it is an L-shaped metal tool.

T handle:

T handle keys stand out for their handle that allows us a better grip on the tool.


Tipos de llaves allen

Sectors in which this tools are used

As we have mentioned, the this keys are one of the best known in many sectors, but we can especially highlight their use in sectors such as carpentry, maintenance of industrial equipment, bicycles or even for the adjustment of the parts of our guitar.

Key sizes

As we have mentioned, the allen keys are a tool that gives many options of different sizes, being able to find very small tips for sectors such as electronics or large sizes for the automotive or aeronautical sector.

Millimeter wrench keys:

Most general purpose allen keys come in sets with sizes starting at 1.5mm up to 10mm. However we can find larger size wrenches with sizes 19-22mm which are also used frequently.

Inches wrench keys (American´s):

In the same way as with the millimeter allen keys, we can find this keys in inches. For this case, the most frequent sets usually have key sizes ranging from 1/16” to 3/8”.


Llaves acodadas de pulgadas

Short Hex Key Sets:

The short sets of offset hexagonal keys are an interesting option to always have on hand due to their reduced size of keys.

Extra Long Key Sets:

The extra long allen key sets are specially designed for all those jobs where we need extra length.

Llaves hexagonales extra largas

100º hex keys:

100º allen key sets are specially designed for jobs where a certain angle is needed and access is difficult.

Llaves hexagonales a 100º

Ball Allen Keys:

The allen ball keys stand out for having a ball at one end, in this way we can work in spaces with angles of up to 25º with maximum comfort and total efficiency.

Straight hex keys:

Straight hex keys would be the simplest version of hex keys as they do not have a ball at one end.

T-Handle Hex Keys:

Allen keys with a handle or also known as T-wrenches stand out, as their name indicates, for having a handle, in this way the grip is firmer and the tightening torque that can be exerted with it is greater.

Llave hexagonal mango en t

Knife keys:

They are an interesting option to have a complete portable allen wrench kit for day-to-day use. It is a very common tool for bicycle lovers due to its portability and small size.


Security wrench keys:

Security allen keys or also known as inviolable allen keys, stand out for having a small hole in the tip. This type of bit is generally used in environments where extra security is required to prevent the screws from being tampered with.

Bianditz Allen keys:

Bianditz allen keys are a professional tool that, thanks to their combination of molybdenum vanadium materials, have a hardness of 58-60 HRC. Thanks to this combination, torques up to 20% higher than other similar wrenches can be obtained.

Custom keys ᐊ

It may be the case that you are a person or company that has a very specific need for a tool due to the nature of your company. If this is your case, Bianditz, as a manufacturer of hand tools, offers specific tightening solutions tailored to its customers. That is why if this is your case, it is best that you contact us so that we can assess your need and make a tailored budget.

Allen Wrench FAQs

What is the smallest key?

In most professional sets of allen keys we can find tips that go from 1.5mm but it is true that if we are looking for smaller keys, in the market we can find some reference that goes from 0.7mm, this being an unusual tool.

What is the biggest key?

Normally the larger allen keys are used in industrial or automotive sectors for tightening parts that need a large torque. Most sets of allen keys usually go up to 10mm but it is true that in the market we can find sizes of up to 22mm head. If you are looking for a larger size hex key, you can contact the experts at Bianditz for a custom hex bit quote.

What are the best professional allen keys?

If you are one of the professional or demanding people and you are looking for a plus of quality in the hexagonal keys, in the market we can find a great variety of this type of professional screwdrivers. The ideal is to know what we are going to use the key for and then see the different options. As a recommendation, look for a tool with a quality steel to have a greater hardness.

How are hex keys used?

The use of allen keys is very simple, we simply have to insert the hexagonal end of the key into the head of the screw and turn our wrist to exert the necessary tightening torque. Thanks to its shape, we can use the Allen key from either side and exert a tightening torque in each case.

Where to buy allen keys?

If you are thinking of buying a professional set keys, do not hesitate to stop by your nearest hardware store and ask for Bianditz brand tools.

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