Safety tool lanyards 1Kg

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” Type: Safety lanyards
Use: Bianditz tool lanyards are applicable for preventing tools from dropping, thus providing an effective method to eliminate damage or disruption of work. For a working place where there is a risk that may cause damage to personnel or equipment, tool lanyards should be used.
Typical applications include machine assembly and maintenance, production lines and working at eight.
The fall of objects represents a high percentage of accidents in the workplace.The consequences of being hit with an object in free fall, although not to a very high altitude, can cause fatal results. By taking the appropriate preventive safety measures these accidents can be avoided.
Bianditz safety belts to prevent the fall of tools, offer an effective method to eliminate damages or interruptions of work. In an environment where there may be a risk of injury to people or productive equipment, safety belts are the tools to use.
The most common environments where these circumstances occur are, work in height, maintenance, wind, aeronautics, telecommunications or oil platforms to name a few.”



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